Heels: Who created them? And why do we love stilettos?

Out of all of the miracles of nowadays shoe technology, stilettoes may stand out as the greatest. As Merlin Monroe once said:

"We don't know who created the heel but women owe him a lot."

We decided to research a bit on the history of the heel, today. Let's see if we can help Merlin; and you.

Heel history

Known as needle, flute, rapier and spike, the stiletto heel arrived to the fashion world in beginning of the 1950s. How? - On a classic pump and a pointed toe with a four inches heel. Although we do not know exactly whom to thank for this the greatest creation, Ferragamo, Albanese of Rome and Dal Co produced "need heels" around 1953 in Italy and about the same time Roger Viviier created his version in Paris.
At the very beginning, stilettoes had a pretty bad reputation. Doctors warned ladies against them due to the frequency of breaking ankles they caused. Nevertheless, by the end of the 1950s stilettos were the only shoes a stylish and fashionable woman wore. They became a symbol of sexuality, style and elegancy ever since.

Also interesting

According to Harper's Index, the average increase in the protrusion of a woman's buttocks when she wears high heels is 25%. No wonder why stilettos make us feel more divine and beautiful...

To sum it up

Marlin was right when she said that the origins of the heel are not 100% clear. But we have learned a bit more about the first impressions and challenges heels were confronted with back then. The good news is: Heels make us feel more attractive, more feminine; and now we know why.

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